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Behind every successful company is an effective approach to turning visitors into customers. We are one of the best digital marketing agency services in Mumbai. Websites and digital marketing strategy are at the centre of it all. From marketing channel optimization to site conversion enhancements, effective ecommerce is the sum of many parts. Whether managing all or a portion of your digital marketing, we as digital marketing services company in Mumbai combine the experience of seasoned digital marketing professionals with the latest in advertising technologies. Our digital marketing services include search engine marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, analytics, display advertising and web design and development. With years of direct and interactive marketing know-how, the team at Digital Crown provides leading expertise in today's most advanced digital marketing opportunities.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing structure Digital Marketing (also known as data-driven marketing), Content is a king in digital marketing, if you have fresh content, then you will be able to engage with most of your audience. Digital Marketing is the method of promoting product, services or brand through electronic media.

Digital marketing is the greatest way to influence users, via search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SMM), content marketing, social media marketing, internet search, social, PPC, display ads, email marketing & mobile marketing.

Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing because a marketer can help you to analyze ongoing campaigns, behavior, demographics & geographic to understand what is good for your organization and what is not.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO structure

Search Engine Optimization is the course of action to generate more organic, natural & free traffic to our website from search engine.

SEO is about helping the search engine do its job better. Search engines are sites which index the content present on other websites and make this content searchable for other users.

At Digital Crown, our focus is On-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization. Our continuous endeavor to achieve #1 position on the entire major search engine like Google, Bing & Yahoo is something we wish for all our clients.

Search Engine Marketing

digital marketing structure

Search engine marketing, or SEM is the most powerful tactic to go viral on the internet through paid advertisements on search engine result pages (SERPs), SEM is principally boosting traffic to your website & converts visitors into potential customers.

You can publish your advertisement on various search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. We have flexibility for you to choose our SEM plan for paid advertisement on search engines like PPC (pay-per-click) or CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

There are couples of ways to display your advertising on search engines like Search based, Display ads, Banners, Interstitials, Video & Retargeting.

Social Media Marketing

social media

Social media is the fastest way ever to communicate your services/products & brand to the world. In last few years social media has completely changed the world and also the world of marketing.

Social media is the leading marketing platform for creating brand awareness, engagement and driving the sell very efficiently. Social media helps you to build and develop your brand in the local community.

Social media is an excellent way to engage the audience with your brand & services/products.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing is one of the powerful tools in digital marketing to driving new customers to your website as well as keeping the current customer engaged with your services/products. Email marketing also helps you to reach your desired mass audience.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, where we use an electronic platform to convert mass audience into potential customers.

Email marketing absolutely depends on Segmentation, Mobile friendliness, Personalization, A/B Testing, Analytics & Reporting, Subscription Management, Automated Responses and Notification, Deliverability & Contact Management

Web Analytics

web analytics

Web Analytics is a method of analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and help your business and competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience.

From the analysis, we get information about consumer behavior, demographics, interest, geo-graphics & technology.

Analytics allow you to Measure, Monitor and Scale your traffic, you can track your live campaigns & social networking sites. With help of analytics, you can easily measure your advertising ROI.

Digital Strategy

digital strategy

Digital marketing strategy is all about Social, Content, Analytics, Search, Mobile, E-commerce, Digital Media, PR, Growth Hacking and Integrated Marketing. Company’s effort towards Digital strategy is for engaging with the audience, organization/company / enterprise to generate leads/sales / brand awareness / via digital channels.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Content marketing is a premeditated marketing move toward creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and fresh content to magnetize and maintain a potential audience.

Content is the king of digital marketing, content marketing is creating value for your potential customer.

Your entire digital marketing strategy depends on the fresh content, only fresh content can drive traffic to your website, social media channels, services/products and blogs to keep audience engage with your brand.

Web Designing

web designing Your website is a core activity to convert a visitor into the potential customer. All our digital marketing channels like SEO, SEM, social media & email marketing drive traffic to the website, and when the website turns a visitor into a customer, and this called conversion.

Ensure that your website has as much information about your company and services, as well as different opportunities for a viewer to get in touch with you!